Cycle of Hope


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Online pledges - $19583.01
Manual pledges - $1800.00

Total $21383.01

Group Coordinator : Jacq Ong
No. of Shavees : 20
Shaving Date and Time : 29 Jul 2017 5pm - 6pm

Reason for shaving

  1. Cycle of Hope is inspired by the story of Hope, a dog who became our teacher about living and dying with Hope while taking care of her during her final journey of life's transition from the condition of Spindle Cell Sarcoma in 2016. The cycle of Hope, seems to have come a full cycle, as we (Gennet and I) started volunteering as play Personnels at KK hospital with CCF, in 2007. In 2010, we stopped, as I (at that time I was not aware of) that I was experiencing compassion fatigue and did not seek for help nor was I willing to receive help. Whether it is with an animal or with humans, Cycle of Hope is about embracing life's difficult moments such as cancer as messengers of our life as they teach us about what it means to be alive and to live, with Hope, with Love and with Wisdom. Hence, the name of this group, Cycle of Hope. This group came about very organically and I truly believe each one of us was brought together by Hope, and is a witness to our own Cycle of Hope. And in each of our own way, support and spread the Cycle of Hope. Thank you.

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