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Building and Construction Authority


Amount Raised

Online pledges - $41558.00
Manual pledges - $5325.00

Total $46883.00

Event Coordinator : Simon Shee Wee Chew
No. of Shavees : 30
Shaving Date : 2017-06-15

Reason for shaving

  1. Help create awareness for childhood cancer and also to garner donations for those affected families.

Donations in support of Building and Construction Authority

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  1. Anonymous ($50.00) says:

  2. Yuqi Kong ($50.00) says:

  3. Anonymous ($100.00) says:

  4. Nguyen Ba Tuyen Nguyen ($200.00) says:

    Love, Hope and Faith

  5. Susanna Chan ($10.00) says:

    Good job!

  6. Anonymous ($50.00) says:

  7. Doreen Ng ($100.00) says:

    A BIG Thank You to Simon Chew for organising this CSR event, KUDOS to all our Shavees for coming forward (we need that hair) and our KIND donors for your generous donations and support. Thanks everyone for playing a part in making this CSR initiative a success.

  8. Charmaine Fang ($20.00) says:

    You are so brave.. XOXOX Charmaine

  9. Chin Soon Kwa ($20.00) says:

    Well done Hai, next year ask me along. CS