Individual Shavee

Yit Long Tay

Amount Raised

Online pledges - $710.00
Manual pledges - $0.00

Target Amount: $5000.00
Amount Raised: $710.00

Shaving Time Slot
29 Jul 2017
12pm - 1pm

Reason for shaving

  1. Create Awareness in Children Cancer. Join the Children's fight against Cancer by showing them that it is ok to be Bald.

Donations in support of Yit Long Tay

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  1. Choo Swee Foong Tay ($100.00) says:


  2. Anonymous ($200.00) says:

  3. Xin min Tan ($50.00) says:

    Good on you for your continued support for the CCF!

  4. Jonathan Lee ($100.00) says:

    Thank you for all.

  5. Choon Howe Tan ($100.00) says:

    Thank you Christopher for the sacrifice and the chance for me to help.

  6. Anonymous ($10.00) says:

    Give hope

  7. Ethel Yip ($50.00) says:

    For a deserving cause indeed, cheers!

  8. Meiru Jiang ($100.00) says:

    Bless your heart, Christopher!