Individual Shavee

Harry Teo

Amount Raised

Online pledges - $6950.00
Manual pledges - $500.00

Target Amount: $10000.00
Amount Raised: $7450.00

Shaving Time Slot
29 Jul 2017
12pm - 1pm

Reason for shaving

  1. I am shaving for the children and parents CCF supported. Like in battle, the soldiers who came back from the battle ground came back as some of their fellow soldiers give their lives for those to come back. Likewise for the children who now 'rest', we remember them for advancing medical science so that the possible of cure from cancer is improved. For the parents whom children now 'rest', CCF lends a hand in their healing process in 'Love leaves a Memory'. For my daughter Kristie, our friends' children - Harith, Khit Yong, Cherri and many others, you will always be in our hearts.

Donations in support of Harry Teo

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  1. Anonymous ($100.00) says:

  2. MING HUEY WONG ($100.00) says:

    Stay strong!

  3. Wai Lin Wan ($200.00) says:

    Both of you are admirably strong in action and mind - Keep up the good spirit!

  4. HUI LI KANG ($300.00) says:

    We support you Sook Wang and Harry; Jia You all the way ...

  5. Anonymous ($100.00) says:

    Go Harry and Sook Wang! 我们支持你!

  6. Kim Seng Tay ($100.00) says:

    Jiayou Harry and Janie!

  7. Anonymous ($5000.00) says:

    May the children find strength and hope in God, just as I have found mine during my fight against cancer.

  8. Pui Fun Poon ($50.00) says:

  9. William Ong ($300.00) says:

  10. William Ong ($300.00) says: