Individual Shavee

Jacqueline Woo

Amount Raised

Online pledges - $21920.00
Manual pledges - $150.00

Target Amount: $10000.00
Amount Raised: $22070.00

Event Date: 12 May 2017

Reason for shaving

  1. I am blessed. Even after 2 operations to remove a brain tumor and to deal with hydrocephalus? Yes. I am blessed with an unshakeable faith in God, family and friends and medical insurance that paid all the bills. But even so, the last 6 months of 2016 has been a challenge. So I know what kids with cancer and their families are going through. Please help me to raise funds for them. Thank you.

Donations in support of Jacqueline Woo

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  1. Melissa LIM ($100.00) says:

    Hi Jackie, I am representing BTSS in our support of you. You go Gal!

  2. qiwei xu ($50.00) says:

  3. Esther Zhong ($100.00) says:

  4. Jing Gu ($500.00) says:

    grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this.

  5. Dora Neo ($100.00) says:

  6. Wei Min Wee ($200.00) says:

    U r our inspiration Jac! So proud of u !

  7. Stephen Trevis ($100.00) says:

  8. Lim Sew Sin Lim ($100.00) says:

    Love what you are doing. Sew

  9. Mei Ying Rachel Leong ($100.00) says:

  10. Agnes Koh ($500.00) says: