Individual Shavee

Christine Keung

Amount Raised

Online pledges - $13890.00
Manual pledges - $2700.00

Target Amount: $20000.00
Amount Raised: $16590.00

Event Date: 15 Jun 2017

Reason for shaving

  1. To create awareness for childhood cancer and to help raise funds for children with cancer.

Donations in support of Christine Keung

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  1. Vivian Lee ($20.00) says:

    Just a little contribution to show my gratitude towards the good deeds. You are really admirable!

  2. R Maler Vilee ($100.00) says:

    The way to go Christine. Keep up the spirit for saving lives.

  3. YEW LIM BENNY TAY ($1000.00) says:

  4. Roger Ting H M ($100.00) says:

    Support you all the way. You have a fantastic heart.

  5. BOON MENG YONG ($1000.00) says:


  6. Soo Hien Chia ($3000.00) says:

    Well done, Christine!

  7. Diana Chua ($50.00) says:

    Privileged to have a big hearted friend like you. Totally support what you are doing. You are a blessing to our people in need.

  8. Rahmah Abdul Rahim ($70.00) says:

    Proud of you. The children are very blessed to have you help them.

  9. Anonymous ($100.00) says:

  10. Anonymous ($2000.00) says:

    Thank you Christine. Standing Tall with hands and heads up, a great encouragement to all who are affected by Cancer, especially for loved ones alongside this journey of Cancer. Proud of you!!!